icon-title-shopping-cart.png Shopping Cart

Your online store will have its own customized shopping cart and extra features are available for advanced requirements. Our cart is scalable to handle your needs from your first customer to your millionth and beyond.

icon-title-personal-touch.png Personal Touch

Unlike super large hosting companies, we will personally reach out to you to make sure your needs are met and you are happy with your storefront. We'll walk you through every step from concept to your first sale and beyond.

icon-title-bandwidth.png Generous Bandwidth

We offer very generous bandwidth on all of our eCommerce Cart hosting packages to help prevent surprises to your bottom line from bandwidth overage fees. As your store grows, it's easy to upgrade to the next tier when you require more resources.

icon-title-no-transaction-fees.png No Transaction Fees

We don't think you should be penalized for having a successful store and that's why we don't take a cut of your sales like other providers do. It's your store and your money.

icon-title-serious-security.png Serious Security

Having a secure shopping site is not only a good thing to have, it's a requirement in this day. Hackers are sophisticated, but we have a team of security specialists to help keep your customer data safe.

icon-title-no-contracts.png No Contracts

We don't require contracts for eCommerce hosting, but we do offer discounts for term commitments if you are interested. We believe you'll be happy with our services, but you're under no obligation to commit for any duration longer than a month.


Web Publishing With Your Eyes Closed

Okay, well almost... It is very easy though.


With the Vital CMS service, you'll be able to quickly launch your business website in very little time. Our powerful Content Management System allows you to quickly make changes and additions to your website without having to call (and pay) a web designer to update and maintain your website. The power is in your hands.


Stay Focused On Your Customers

And Your Business

Our Vital CRM product helps you stay on top of every lead, opportunity, customer and more. Time is money, and our CRM is designed to help your business stay organized so you can have more time to build relationships with your customers.

Our cloud-based CRM solution gets you up and running very quickly without having to have a dedicated Information Technology staff on hand to deploy a CRM on your own infrastructure. For most businesses, the cost savings with our cloud model is substantial.

Vital CRM helps you stay on top of sales, marketing, support, inventory management, service contracts and more. You no longer need to store this sort of material on a messy desk or in rows of filing cabinets. The data is at your fingertips and is easily searchable to find what you are looking for.


Vital Hosting is an enterprise grade hosting company specializing in highly available e-commerce stores, custom back office solutions, enterprise messaging and communication and more. We focus on supplying and maintaining your company's vital online infrastructure so you can focus on your business.

How can we help?

I'm new to the online store concept and need a rock solid e-commerce platform that will grow with my business.

I'm considering switching e-commerce platforms. Why should I choose Vital Hosting?

We can answer these questions and more. Please contact us online or at one of the telephone numbers below for a free consultation.

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