Off-Site Enterprise Backup


Everything you need to know about data backup.

locked-folderWould you let a child ride in the car without a seat belt? Safety precautions are important and also apply to your data.

Why do you need to back up your data?

The simple answer to this question is: There are a million possible ways to lose your data. Imagine spilling a cup of coffee on your laptop, or forgetting your notebook in a cab. What if a virus destroys the data on your hard drive, or your operating system fails? Even more upsetting, what if your child borrows your computer and accidentally deletes your saved folder of family photos?

These are everyday examples of common data loss situations. In addition, there are disasters such as fire, flooding, theft and vandalism that add to the list of data loss scenarios.

We hope you’ll never have to suffer data loss, but we do believe in preparing accordingly. Just as you would place a child in a car seat and safely buckle him or her in, you must also safely protect and back up your data.

Why copying data to an external hard drive isn't enough!

Unfortunately, a vast majority of people and small businesses do not adequately protect and back up their data. Many individuals do nothing at all, while some think they are doing enough simply by copying their files to an external hard drive. While this method seems logical in theory, it has many disadvantages. Not only is it inefficient, but the backups are not automated, the copying of files do not protect your files from viruses or corruption, and overall, it does not protect your entire operating system. What happens if the external hard drive is lost or stolen?

Why don't people protect their data adequately?

The majority of people we talk to agree that losing their data (email addresses, photos, tax files, customer data, etc.) would be a disaster. The reason most individuals avoid performing data backups though, is because they feel the process is complicated, tedious and expensive. This is not true. In fact, with the right tool, it’s very easy and affordable.

What should you be looking for?

Do you want to feel assured that your critical data is safe even in the event of an on-site disaster such as a fire or earthquake, or when your computer and local storage device(s) have been destroyed?

Then the best solution is using online backup to protect your critical data. By signing up for an online storage account and backing up your data online, your important data will be safe, no matter what happens to your computer and your local storage device(s).

We offer Enterprise-Grade Off-Site Encrypted Storage in our secure datacenter in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. We can help you plan your disaster recovery strategy with our off-site secure encrypted online backup, off-site file system replication service, and other mission-critical data protection strategies.

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